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Which Glue? I, II or III?

Woodworking professionals, serious hobbyists and DIYers all prefer to use Titebond glues for their woodworking, home repair and craft projects.

In fact, Titebond is preferred more than 6 to 1 over the next leading brand. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive pertains to the key differences between Titebond Original, Titebond II Premium and Titebond III Ultimate wood glues.

Before we tell you how they are different, let’s look at what they share. All three formulas:

  • Provide a much stronger bond than the wood itself
  • Offer excellent heat-resistance and are very easy to sand
  • Are water cleanup while still wet
  • Provide strong initial tack and a 30-minute clamp time
  • Conform to ASTM D4236 – Non-toxic and safe to use

The primary differences between Titebond Original, Titebond II Premium and Titebond III Ultimate:

Titebond Original has been the industry standard in woodworking for over 60 years. It is designed specifically for interior woodworking and repair projects, such as cabinets, trim and molding, window casings, furniture, picture frames, stairs, and veneering. It provides professional results every time.

Titebond II Premium has been our #1 selling wood glue over the last several years. It is ideal for interior woodworking, but is also excellent for many outdoor projects. In fact, it passes the ANSI/HPVA Type II water-resistance specification. Titebond II Premium also offers our shortest working time, can be used for R-F (radio-frequency) gluing systems and is FDA approved for indirect food contact.

Titebond III Ultimate is our most versatile wood glue and is rated #1 by professionals. It offers superior strength, a longer open time and a lower application temperature. It passes the more stringent ANSI/HPVA Type I specification, classifying it as “waterproof”. While Titebond III Ultimate can be used indoors, it is the perfect choice for exterior woodworking, such as birdhouses, mailboxes, outdoor furniture and planters. It is also FDA approved for indirect food contact, making it a great choice for projects in the kitchen.

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